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Suzanne Vick

Suzanne Vick, Vick Accounting Services, LLC

I had always known that I wanted to be an accountant, from the first accounting class I took  in high school.  I really liked the “puzzle” of reconciling financial books and records. I got my BS in Accounting in 1989 from Rowan University and have been working as a tax accountant ever since. I started getting clients and building up my business even while still in college. I worked at Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City during my college years as their part time staff accountant, and from there I met clients that I still have 25 years later!

During these last 25 years I have built and grown my own business with over 250 corporate, individual and non-profit clients.  I prepare all Federal Income Tax Returns and all state returns as well, but what my passion for my business is the idea that I have helped small businesses succeed.  I specialize in the small business accounting, and most of my clients have small businesses, whether they are a sole proprietor, partnership, S corporation or C corporations. The best part of my job, as their accountant and tax preparer, is when I get the opportunity to meet with clients that may be having tax issues or accounting software issues, or may just need some financial advice or assistance with tax planning, financial budgeting, Quickbooks or other accounting software implementation and training,  Most of my clients come to me as a referral from one of my current clients that have been happy and seen great results with working with me.  I am most often descibed by my clients as comforting, reassuring, and they feel safe that they (as individuals or businesses)  are getting accurate, confidential accounting and tax advice and suggestions that they implement and see the great results from working with me.  I work carefully with each and every client I have and give personalized advice for their success and well being.

I  welcome the opportunity to take on new clients.Feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have and I will always do my best to help you.  The testimonials on the following  pages will give you a better idea of my work ethic and how I have helped these individuals and business clients.


We had used the services of a CPA and in a matter of a few months learned more about our business and what we needed to do for the future than in the previous 10 years with the CPA.   She also trained our bookkeeper on Quickbooks. Sue is the most patient, understanding “numbers” person I’ve ever met, doesn’t look down at the client and is always eager to help. Love her!

-Anne Caruso, President, Networks Plus

“Sue Vick was recommended to my company at a time where my old financial routines were no longer working. Sue accepted the challenge and hit the ground running. She meticulously completed my business and personal taxes very quickly and thoroughly. I really trusted that she had my best interest in mind and worked hard to make sure my taxes were correct and fair. Sue worked with me to use QuickBooks and all it can offer so that I might run the most efficient company I can. The use of QuickBooks and Sue Vick has enabled me to have full transparency of my finances. She is always there to answer a phone call or email when I have questions and concerns. She is more than just an accountant, Sue truly cares about me and my business and that sets her apart from the rest.” Mark Marias

-Owner, Sherwood Landscape, Lighting and Design, LLC

I have worked with Sue Vick for both my personal and business accounting needs for many years.   Sue embodies the very characteristics one would want in their accountant – tax expertise, strong business acumen, the ability to explain tax concepts in a manner that enables clients to participate in making decisions about not only their taxes but also their businesses, extraordinary responsiveness, the willingness to handle tax issues efficiently and effectively, attention to detail, awareness of time sensitivity…need I continue?   Beyond all that, she’s a lovely person!

-Sheri Desaretz, Esq., CUG, ACP

We started a new business almost 2 years ago and Sue was there from the beginning, preparing our partnership agreement,creating our LLC, doing payroll, advising us on financial decisions, setting up our books, preparing our income tax returns,the list goes on an on.  She is always available to assist us in any way she can, she implemented our Quickbooks accounting software and trained us on the program.  Sue is a pleasure to work with and we both feel very safe and know we are in good hands.

-Partners, Deborah Lore & Patricia Harter
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Anyone needing accounting services would be wise to hire Suzanne Vick. Her knowledge of tax laws and experience with various business practices will help anyone get the most out of your business. Not to mention her very positive attitude will be sure to keep you motivated to be at your best. Thank you so much for keeping my wife and l informed and  financially ready for anything that comes our way. Sincerely Nathaniel and Rebecca Lyman.

-Owner, Right Angle Finish Carpentry By Nate, LLC
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Sue has been my accountant for the past 10 years and has been a family friend for over 15.   Although I moved out of Marlton years ago, I refuse to find a new accountant. Sue is a  pleasure to work with and has made the awful tax process absolutely painless. Not once has Sue let the distance affect her quality of service, she continues to goes above and beyond and delivers outstanding accounting services that are tailored to my needs.  She has even gone the extra mile to adhere to my busy schedule and lifestyle as I am on the road 2 weeks out of every month for work.

In addition to her impeccable accounting services Sue is one of the most genuine and trustworthy human beings I have had the pleasure of met. I can say with 100% confidence that I trust her with both financial and personal matters.

Zoya Khan

I was helping out in a gift shop when I first met Sue Vick. She came in to Christmas shop for not only her family but for all of her clients. She was throwing a Holiday party and wanted to make sure every client had a present. I asked what do you do. She explained she was a tax accountant but also helped with advising/small businesses/and empowering women. I thought(I need help in all of the above!) so I briefly told her about some of my problems. She said I’d love to help you and before she left we exchanged numbers. It was the first time in a decade I actually felt calm and excited to meet with an accountant. Later that week she called me and asked me some questions. I scheduled an appointment for the following Monday. She sent me an email of a game plan as well as cost so there were no surprises. Monday came and I began to panic. This was an issue I needed help with from 2012 relating to Hurricane Sandy and a business I lost so I had been dreading bringing it all up again. Sue wrote to confirm and I asked if we could reschedule I didn’t feel prepared or organized Her response was No! She explained we needed to get this started and she would help me. I went over that afternoon and she looked over my papers and heard my story. She called one place and while on hold began writing to another. I felt represented and taken care of. My business was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 and I had only opened the business in Aug. I was so defeated I walked away and long story short I had accrued over $7000 in late fees for never filing that first quarter. Sue spoke to representatives with respect as well as me. She waiting 1 hour and 20 mins on hold until they finally connected. She explained my story and (I am still shaking my head) was able to have all of my late fees forgiven. Over $7000!! I am still shaking my head. I was so taken back and tears started to fall. I said Sue, I want to show you something. I pulled out my phone and showed her what I had originally saved her number under, “Sue Magic Accountant”. From the moment I met her I knew she would be able to help me. It was this feeling of approachability and…..I just knew she was going to be the one to help me.  Sue helped me financially but also emotionally. She and I have only worked 3 hours so far and I already feel a more empowered women and proud to be getting my life back on track. She has excited me to want to learn and educate myself and future plans. Thank you Sue and I look forward to your help as well as your Christmas party for I am now happy to be one of your clients. Thank you, LMS.

-Leah Monroe Smith